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A Day in the life of an Agent Using BOOJ

In an article published by Stephanie Visscher and the RE/MAX BOOJ Product Team earlier in June, they mapped out what a typical day of an agent would look like when using BOOJ. If you do not know what the BOOJ platform is a robust system of business tools that will help agents stay organized, stay in contact and stay on top of critical tasks for their business.

The features of the platform – including website templates, automated marketing, and contact management – are powerful on their own. When used together they can truly transform an agents business. Having one integrated system, where all the products communicate with each other and work together to make an agents life more efficient, makes all the difference.

RE/MAX SELECT has been of the top 1.5% of Alpha Testers of BOOJ and is currently working on the BETA Testing. We have been part of the team that has helped test, shape and fine tune the technology platform that many have dubbed "the top tech platform for realtors."

Here is how the article by Stephanie Visscher maps out a day in life using BOOJ.

6:30 am: Start the day

RE/MAX agent Olivia Davis likes to get up early to plan her day. As soon as her alarm goes off, she reaches for her phone. While’s she’s been sleeping, the technology of the booj platform has been working for her and she’s thrilled to see an email from a potential lead – Jane Monroe.

Last night, Jane was searching for homes on Olivia’s website and ended up creating an account. Jane has already saved a search, favorited a few properties, and sent a request to schedule a showing for one of the listings.

Olivia reaches out to the listing agent to set up a showing for the afternoon. She then responds to Jane and includes a link to her branded mobile app so Jane can continue to look for properties.

7:00 am: Review calendar and tasks for the day

Next, Olivia opens her CRM app.Olivia sees an event reminder for a showing scheduled with her client, Jack Wilson. The showing they’re going to see today is a property Jack found out about through an email alert sent to him from the CRM.

After reviewing her calendar, Oliva takes a look at her tasks. The first task is to update the content for her monthly newsletter before it sends. Check! She also sees she needs to schedule an open house for one of her listings. She sets up a new task to make notes in the CRM after her showing with Jack.

Before Olivia closes the app, she goes to Jane’s new contact record that was created when she submitted a form on Olivia’s website. Olivia reviews her information, adds a tag, and then creates a new task to follow up with Jane again later that day.

8:30 am: Review recent campaigns and contact activity

Olivia checks over her to-do list and decides she wants to head into the office for a couple hours this morning before her showing with Jack.When she gets to the office, she logs into her CRM and checks the Campaigns Dashboard. Over the past seven days, over 1,000 emails were sent – with an average 36% open rate.

Again, the system is working for Olivia behind the scenes since these campaigns were set up in advance.

Olivia also sees that the Lead Score for a former client, Marcus Hayes, is up. She looks into this further and sees that Marcus has been active on her website again. He’s looking in a different community than where Olivia sold him his house — which could be a sign he’s thinking of moving.

She doesn’t want to jump on this too quickly, because Marcus just began looking again, but she makes a task for a week from now to touch base with Marcus and see if there’s anything she can help with.

10:00 am: Prepare for her first showing with Jack

To prepare for her first showing with Jack, Olivia takes a minute to see if there are any other listings Jack may be interested in.

Jack has already set up a saved search, so it’s really easy for Olivia to look for listings that fit his requirements. Olivia runs a search to see if there are any new potential properties for Jack.

She sees a new property on the market, in his price range, directly across the street from the park. Olivia clicks the “share button” to email the listing directly to Jack, letting him know she will try to schedule a showing for this property as well. She also favorites the property as a “Suggested Listing” within Jack’s account, so he can see it later.

1:00 pm: Meet Jack for first showing of the day

Olivia goes into her showing with Jack. And good news! Jack really loves the new listing and is ready to make an offer. She updates Jack’s deal status to “Offer” in the booj app and begins preparing the necessary paperwork.

2:30 pm: Meet Jane at office for first showing

Olivia then meets Jane for her first showing.

Jane has downloaded Olivia’s branded app, so she can continue her home search on the go.

As they’re in the car, Jane gets a push notification on her app that a property matching her criteria is now available. Jane likes the home and asks Olivia to set up a showing for the next day.

During the showing, Olivia learns that this is Jane’s first home purchase. She likes the house but isn’t quite ready to submit an offer. Jane has a lot of questions since this is her first time, so Olivia creates tasks within the CRM app to get her questions answered.

4:30 pm: Set Jane up on drip campaigns

When she gets home that day, Olivia sets Jane up on a drip campaign by adding a tag for “first-time homebuyer” in her contact file. Jane will then start getting information on the homebuying process: pre-approval and how to secure her mortgage, a sample contract and what to expect – which all link directly back to Olivia’s website.

5:00 pm: Prepare for the next day

Olivia spends a few minutes looking at the deal pipeline to see how her deals are progressing and if she’s on track to reach her goals. She can see the change she made on her phone for Jack is also reflected in the desktop. Jack has advanced to the next stage in the Deal Pipeline, because he submitted an offer.

Olivia makes a game plan for the next morning to reach out to some of her other contacts to try to keep them moving through the stages.

5:30 pm: Family time

Now that she’s completed all her tasks, Olivia can enjoy downtime with her family, knowing that her technology is working hard on her behalf.

Photo Credits to RE/MAX LLC

Article by: Brian Spicciatie

Director of Marketing


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