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RE/MAX SELECT launches a state-of-the-art HUB to help agents become more productive.

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Over the past year RE/MAX SELECT has experienced massive growth and is about to open its 13th office in New Jersey by the end of February. To keep up with their growth and provide agents with best possible tools for them to achieve their goals, the leadership team has invested in great technology features. We are not talking about the "Newest, shiniest tool" to grab some quick attention, but an extremely well designed and intricate company intranet called the HUB.

The HUB was officially launched at the start of the new year and is already receiving rave reviews from agents. The HUB is a central communications backbone that connects your entire brokerage. It’s the single place agents go to access everything they need to run their real estate business. From the HUB, agents can access their emails, utilize their CRM, manage transactions, watch training videos, create beautiful listing presentations, pull market reports and so much more.

During the development phase, the Director of Marketing sat down with countless agents watching their work habits, tools they use and acquired feedback on the challenges they face on a daily basis. Through this process and hosting presentations for agents during the build out phase, allowed him to fine tune The HUB and create a customized Agent Portal housing all the "goodies" they needed. The same process was taken with the brokers and administrative staff. In order to provide more support to agents, the managers and admins tasks needed to be streamlined and in one central location.

RE/MAX SELECT did not stop there! The have recently partnered with Moxi Works and have adopted their industry leading CMA/Listing Tool called Present, which made head lines with Inman and RIS MEDIA back in October. With the companies recent technology advances and growth, SELECT has also acquired 15 Alpha Phase Testing seats on the much awaited RE/MAX LLC Technology Platform developed by BOOJ. By becoming Alpha testers it appears RE/MAX SELECT will be one of the first adopters of the BOOJ platform in 2019. There are great things happening with SELECT and that is why agents are coming to us. For more information, please contact us to speak with a manager.

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